This amazing in-water experience is a must for shark & wildlife lovers.  The package includes two of the top marine predators, as well as Africa’s Big 5. Join us on this adventure that will not only show you the beauty and diversity of the Aliwal Shoal and the majestic Great White but the splendour of the African bush and its Big 5.
It all starts on the East Coast of South Africa.  Located south of Durban is the world renowned Aliwal Shoal. It is here that you can dive with one of the worlds top apex predators and one of the hardest sharks to find and observe – The Tiger Shark.  From here you will venture north into Zululand for your African safari experience and then it’s off down to Cape Town for your Great White Encounter.

THE BEGINNING – The Tiger Shark

Observe these majestic, apex predators in their natural environment without a cage.  It’s safe, controlled and a huge rush.
A must for photographers, adrenaline junkies and wildlife lovers.
This drift dive takes place south of the Aliwal Shoal at a depth of approximately 10m.  Nowhere else in the world can you have the quality and safe viewing of these majestic creatures, as this spot in South Africa.  This is a baited dive and very similar methods are used in the Cape to lure Great White Sharks, which imitate, as much as possible, natural feeding patterns.  The techniques used do not induce feeding frenzies and no hand feeding is permitted.  Other sharks such as Black Tips make an appearance, as well as the Zambezi/Bull Shark.

The Dive

Before heading out to sea you will be briefed by your Dive Master, who knows these animal and our surf conditions well.  The unique surf launch is almost as impressive as the sharks themselves!!!
The DM will give you valuable information about the launch itself and protocol while in the water.  It’s very important that everyone adheres to these rules to ensure your safe return.

After breakfast we head out to sea and set the bait … then we wait.  The Sharks can come in within minutes of the bait being dropped into the water, or it could take hours.  As these are wild and untrained animals, we cannot guarantee sightings but with a 90% success rate your chances are excellent.
Time out at sea will depend on nature and how long the animals take to come into the baited station.  You will spend as much time as possible in the water while they are around and then it’s off for a reef dive on the Aliwal Shoal or back to the beach, depending on your itinerary.


Advanced or equivalent certificate required for diving but very nervous divers are not allowed!! C-cards and Log Books must be presented.

High and Low Season

This dive can be experienced at anytime of the year with the quieter period being August to end of September. - Check out our packages >>

THE MIDDLE – An African Safari

You’ve seen it on T.V now it’s your turn to experience the African bush first hand.  Never knowing what’s around the corner, Phinda Private Game has exceptional accommodation, fine cuisine and some of the best game viewing in South Africa.  Not only do they have Lion, Leopard, Elephant, White Rhino and Elephant but they also have Black Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Cheetah and so much more.  Their professional game rangers and trackers will ensure that you stay at Phinda is a memorable one, be it in open safari vehicles, on foot or sitting round the campfire at night. It’s paradise for the avid photographer.
And what’s more, once you are there, everything is included, from teas/cakes, meals, all beverages/alcohol (except any imported brands and cellar wines), 2 game drives a day, guided walks & laundry.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

THE END – The Great White Shark

The day starts at approximately 09h00 when, after breakfast, you launch out of Gaansbaai to a Shark Alley which is situated between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock- 5 miles (8 km) offshore from the village of Gansbaai at the southern tip of South Africa.

Geyser Rock supports a colony of 40,000 Cape Fur Seals.... why else would these majestic predators stay in this area? Shark Alley is the channel between the 2 islands, and is protected from the worst of the Southern Atlantic's weather...this is where you will witness these beautiful creatures that rule the seas.

High and Low Season

The best time of the year to cage dive OR to simply enjoy boat based viewing as the Great White Shark is a surface eater is:
June to October. These months are considered to be the high season, but sharks are generally seen throughout the year with sharks seen on 9 out of 10 trips.  Not a bad success rate hey?
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Cape Fur Seals,Jackass Penguins, and a wide variety of sea birds are commonly seen from the boat. From July to November, Southern Right Whales are spotted almost every day as well! October to December are the months when some 35,000 seals drop their pups on Geyser Island, resulting in an ample food supply in the surrounding coastal waters. Although great whites may be sighted during the low season, the abundance of food in the area makes luring to the boat more difficult.
The water temperature at this time of the year ranges between 55° and 65° F & visibility is ranges 5m to 8m on average, but may exceed 15m on a clear day.

The Experience.

Each diver will stay in the cage for approximately 15-20 minutes, allowing everyone to meet eye to eye with these formidable kings of the sea. You can expect to make two/ three dives per day if a good weather & sea condition, together with shark activity and visibility prevails. Up to 18 GREAT WHITE SHARKS have been encountered in one day, but 4 to 5 in a day is normal. Sharks may brush the cage, but to date, an attack on the cage has not been reported


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