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Sardine Run - The Greatest Shoal On Earth

Experience the rush of the sardine run along the KwaZulu Natal coast of South Africa. If snorkeling with dolphins and the thrill of watching whales and the oceans larger predators in action is for you, then let ABSOLUTELY AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS take you on this unique marine safari - it will be one of the most mind-blowing holidays of your life.

The migration of the pilchard, Sardinops Sagox, is an annual marine phenomenon that occurs along the South African coast, culminating off the coast of the Transkei and KwaZulu Natal from mid-May to July each year.


This annual event, which must be witnessed first-hand to be really appreciated, brings millions of small sardines up from the Cape and, where the continental shelf comes closer to the shore off the Transkei coast, this is where the magic of the SARDINE RUN begins.

As the cold water current follows the continental shelf inshore, so do these little silver fish. South Africa is the only place on earth where a fish migration takes place, coming close enough inshore, to enable the local fishermen to net them.

Tons of sardines are caught every year off the KwaZulu-Natal coast, bringing not only the sea to life, but the beaches as well. It is our goal at ABSOLUTELY AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS, to show you the sardine run - to get you into the thick of things so that you can really feel what THE GREATEST SHOAL ON EARTH is about.

You WILL snorkel with thousands of common dolphin, swim with Humpback Whales, photograph Orca Whales, Minky Whales, sharks of all descriptions and discover what it feels like to be in the middle of a rain storm of birds (over 8 different species of sea birds follow the run).

If it’s your dream to see thousands of dolphins, birds, sharks, seals and whales, all in close proximity, then THE SARDINE RUN is for you. ABSOLUTELY AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS will make this an unforgettable experience for you and your family, for it is not only the scuba diver that can appreciate this marine phenomenon, but THE WHOLE FAMILY.

The sardine run is more of a snorkeling/photographic trip, with the option of scuba diving, allowing you to make this a family holiday. Incorporating an African safari will result in, without a doubt, the most mind-blowing holiday of your life.

With luxury transport, en-suite accommodation, fine cuisine, beautiful scenery and friendly staff, you need look no further, e-mail ABSOLUTELY AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS NOW to secure your place on the Sardine Run.

With PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY staff at ABSOLUTELY AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS, and with SERVICE AND SAFETY our priority, we promise to make your African safari holiday, an unforgettable one. Packages can be tailor-made to suit you and your family.


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